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January 16, 2020 - Phase 2 of Barbara & Tom Chaplin's property tree / brush cleanup by cousins Kenny and Brian Miller, employees of Art's Tree Service. The Princess tree's huge north-side rotting top trunk was cut during Phase 1 in 2019; Barbara noticed that the huge south-side trunk was rotting and had to be removed as the #1 priority during 2020's Phase 2 project. Kenny operated the "Spyder" bucket and chain saw; Brian put the branches into the chipper and raked the ground; both cut up the large trunk pieces into 8 "slabs" for future craft projects with the remainder removed in one of their trucks and stacked smaller pieces in our firewood pile. Unfortunately, the Princess tree (actually a male White Mulberry) had more "rot" than we realized. The remainder of the project cleared the trees & bushes on the East side of the driveway and all the way to the road on both sides of the driveway, Kenny clearing Restful Glen, and Brian grinding timber-cut stumps to ground level for summer mowing. Another beautiful job, professionally, safely, and neatly completed thanks to Kenny & Brian!

Art Tree Care is the best tree company I have ever had work for me. He knows what to do, how to do it, and has very nice equipment. You get the job done efficiently and very safely. We will have his company back every year. Nick - Winchester

I had Art's Tree Care come down to Nokesville on a Saturday to give me a free estimate to get some trees taken down, he gave me such a good deal I agreed to the contract. He told me he would be here in 2 weeks on that Monday, but on that Thursday night, we had high winds and the next day it rained. I was really worried about this tree because it was hanging over my building I called Art on Friday he brought his crew down on a Saturday to get the job down just to ease my mind so I could enjoy the weekend. Jean - Nokesville

I observed Art's Tree Care doing some work in my neighbor's yard, I was so impressed with the work they were doing and the nice equipment they were using, I called them the next day to get my trees done. I have told all my friends and family if you need any tree work done, be sure to get Art's Tree Care, they are the best around.
Jack - retired CIA agent - Stephen City

Art's Tree Care was servicing another property and upon my questioning of the neighbor, Art was recommended as a professional, reliable, courteous and fair priced company. An estimate appointment was made with and kept by Darlene to access and discuss my pine tree work order needs. Darlene was punctual and efficient; efficient meaning her assessment, discussion, work order quote and payment options were all completed within a short period of time. Please do not confuse efficient with arrogance or rudeness. Darlene's presentation was "very" friendly, she demonstrated she knows her profession, the abilities of her staff and that customers do not want to be stung along.

The technicians who cut down my pine trees, grinned the stumps, removed the trash and stacked the wood I wanted to keep mirrored the attitude and service demonstrated by Darlene. I must (again) thank and congratulate the technicians as one tree was extremely close to my vinyl fence. The tree and 99% of the tree stump are gone, my vinyl fence remains. All work was completed in a reasonable amount of time.

Thank you Art's Tree Care for your attention to the details and the care and respect shown to my property and me!

Peribanez, Winchester, VA

Art's Tree Care was highly recommended by two people we trust to clean up our ragged, overgrown, dead trees, fallen trees & branches, etc. property ... a major 5-day project (April 29 through May 3, 2019) that could no longer be delayed. Art and Darlene have been in business for 39 years with Art having previous experience in his family's timber business; both are delightful people with whom to work. Kenny and Brian, our 2-man crew, are incredibly capable and knowledgeable woodsmen and equipment operators, are safety conscious in all aspects of their work, are efficient with never a wasted moment, and clean up the work area at each stage of the job. They consulted with me (Project Coordinator) about our requirements, suggested improvements were discovered (all of which we agreed to), and willingly adhered to our requests when we found yet one more task that needed to be done. Our high-priority project included cutting fallen and standing dead trees to either haul off (pines) or to cut to correct size lengths, split when required, and stack for our use as firewood (hardwoods); cutting dead/dropping branches and invasive bushes for chipping into mulch to be used here and hauling off what we couldn't use; cleaning up debris left by last year's and this winter's storms; pulling old fox grape vines out of some of the huge Juniper trees; and moving several dead trees off of back-trail dirt "roads". There was so much more work needed than | and my husband, Tom, had originally realized! Somehow or another, Kenny and Brian managed to complete the ever-growing task list in the originally agreed upon 5 days!! Now, our thoughts are turning to Project 2 cleanup when we will once again call Art and Darlene to request the professional tree care services of Kenny and Brian. In a 1 to 5 star recommendation, my husband said that Art's Tree Care deserves a 10!!! Obviously, we are both extremely pleased with the project's outcome and are enjoying our once- again beautiful property. Barbara - Frederick County, VA.

WOW! Like most homeowners and cautious parents, we carefully vet any company that will perform work in or around our home. The team dispatched from Arts Tree Care was amazing! Their impressive and new equipment made quick work of falling and removing two mature, tall Oak trees. The fellas worked without hesitation giving us full confidence that our roof would be undamaged. The duo was courteous, professional, and took extra care to tidy not only their work zone but areas the oak tree had littered well before their arrival. My standards are high and I've never written a review before,but I'm beyond impressed. Trust me with the strongest recommendation to choose Arts Tree Care - Lena